Entrada II – An updated favourite


Entrada, which belongs to the Drabert brand, is one of Kinnarps' most popular task chairs. We are now proud to present its successor, Entrada II. The chair has received a new user-friendly interface and an updated appearance, tailored for the modern office!

Keeping our bodies moving, even when we are sitting down, is good for our muscles. Entrada II takes this into account with its dynamic sitting. The heart of the chair is the new and patented mechanism, which enables the seat and back to move synchronously in a well-balanced movement pattern. Entrada II ensures that sitting is not static, but rather encourages movement and various types of seating positions instead. The chair's intuitive controls are simple to use, and a few flexible adjustments adapt the chair to different working situations. As it is so user-friendly, Entrada II is also ideal in activity-based working environments where people can easily use the chair in different types of situations.

The Entrada II is available in a number of different finishes and colours. Our wide and unique range of fabrics is collected in Kinnarps Colour Studio, which can be used to adapt the style of the chair entirely according to the user's wishes.

Like its predecessor, Entrada II is designed by Daniel Figueroa. The renowned designer has been collaborating with Drabert since 1995 and over the years has won numerous internationally recognised awards, not least for his chairs for workplaces and public environments. Daniel Figueroa has previously designed Kinnarps' popular task chairs Salida and Esencia.

The Entrada II is manufactured in Kinnarps' own production facilities, which gives us control of the entire process - from raw materials and production to delivery and installation. Our manufacturing process takes place in an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.

The Entrada II can be ordered from 4 May.