How healthy is your workplace?


Health is wealth! Wellness is the ‘new green’ and we need to have a softer approach towards psychological and cultural aspects. This is also why Kinnarps, Nichetto Studio and Arabeschi di Latte have collaborated to create the exhibition concept ’Workplace Wellness’ - an installation that raises the discussion how we can create working environments that let our minds take as much space as our bodies.

The latest edition of Kinnarps Trend report ’Workplace and life space design for the diverse decade’ was released earlier this year. In the report, Kinnarps, together with leading experts within the fields of architecture, design and technology, has identified the workspace trends of the future. One of the most prominent trends within the report is ’Office biology’. A trend that pointed out that in the future the requirements and needs of the individual employee will be in focus.

“Wellness is a global trend, which we can see in many areas, not only in work space design. However, we think it is time to talk more about it in our business – for real, how healthy is the workplace? Many companies think it cost a fortune to invest in health, but we think a smart interior architecture that creates movement or a variety of settings could do a lot for enhancing employee wellness. This is also why we want to show the Workplace Wellness exhibition during Milan Design Week; we want people to be aware of the design opportunities they have, says Paulina Lundström, Marketing and Communication Director at Kinnarps.

Famous Nichetto Studio has created the visual installation. The studio has been inspired by the trends that are explored in the Trend report, with an extra focus on the ’Workplace biology’ trend. The result is an inspiring installation where the visitor can get an insight into how the workplace of the future will look.

"People who are happy at work do a better job! It's that simple. By designing environments that are packed full of wellness and pleasant feelings, we also create better personnel. For the exhibition, I have mixed together elements from Kinnarps' Trend report and with the new products tried to create a healthy architectural cocktail," says the designer Luca Nichetto.Luca Nichetto. Foto: Claudia Zalla

To get it even healthier Kinnarps has also invited the food designer Arabeschi di Latte to the Milan installation. Arabeshi di Latti is based on the idea of creating a ’daily sense of happiness’ and food is the tool she uses for it. For Kinnarps, Arabeschi di Latte has created healthy refreshments that will bring both sharpness and well-being to the visitors.

“I think it is very interesting with the cross-pollination between the worlds of food and design.  It is not only the food itself; we are also affected by the way it is prepared and presented. Therefor we should try to design the experience, not the only the food and not only the interior. In Milan for the first time we mix these areas together to see what will happen. My hope is that we take well-being one step further”, says Paulina Lundström, Marketing and Communication Director at Kinnarps.

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