Product News 2016


Kinnarps will present several new products for 2016. Here is a list of our newcomers, which will be previewed at Stockholm Furniture Fair, 9-13 February 2016.

Fields - Limitless collaboration

Kinnarps' new modular product series Fields is developed and adapted for active workplaces. With sofas, tables, screens and easy chairs, Fields adapts itself to the user.  Whether you wish to socialise or need to work undisturbed, Fields has a space for you.

Fields is designed by the Swedish designer Olle Gyllang from the Stockholm-based Propeller Design AB. A renowned design agency with extensive experience from the fields of product design, industrial design and design strategy.

"The foundation of Fields is a modular flexible system where it is possible to combine components and add functionality based on needs, context and place. We have created the building blocks and possibilities, from which the architects can continue to create good, functional and stylish environments." says Olle Gyllang.

We carry out many different activities and tasks during a day at work, alternating the demands placed on the workplace during this period. Fields' modular and flexible design creates common areas, meeting areas, rooms within rooms, creative spaces or private workplaces. Easy chairs, sofas, tables and screens are mixed with exciting accessories and smart solutions to create a well thought-out holistic solution. Fields brings together common and private areas, erases the boundaries between areas for meetings and working alone and connects the individual with the group, as well as making it possible for all staff to find their own space to work and be happy in.

As Fields is a series that offers great variation and can easily create spaces where different activities are carried out, it works very well in activity-based working environments. With a great range of different materials, colours and accessories, it is also possible to customise and adapt Fields to any preference and taste.  

Stylish Leia – a straightforward newcomer 

Kinnarps' new meeting chair Leia breathes functionality and diversity. Offering a wide range of colours and finishes, Leia is a chair with many different expressions and characteristics. A straightforward newcomer that works in most situations. 

Leia is designed by Johan Larsvall and Nils Löventorn at the Swedish design agency Idesign. Kinnarps has been collaborating with Idesign for many years, resulting in several successful and appreciated chairs. 

"With Leia we wanted to take Scandinavian design to the edge. All lines are well thought-out in order to deliver good comfort. Leia is very ergonomic and comfortable to sit in, and simultaneously communicates an expressive and timeless design. Leia is all about the details and it is intended to be a given part of modern workplaces and public environments," says Johan Larsvall.

Leia's sleek and clear-cut design allows it to adapt to most spaces and situations. The fact that it is also stackable and linkable makes it a great choice when furnishing larger spaces such as canteens and auditoriums.

Leia is available in six different finishes (sledge, 4-legged, runners, bar stool, high bar stool and 5 star base) as only a plastic shell chair or with an upholstered seat. Leia is a chair with many different expressions and characteristics and is also available in more than 70 different colour combinations.

Endless possibilities with Space

With a wide range of modules and smart solutions, Kinnarps' new Space series is packed with potential. By focusing on flexibility and a range of options, the series is designed and adapted for the individual and the tasks that are performed over the course of a working day. 

Space is developed and designed to fit in with today's way of working, meeting and storing. Its smart system consists of modules, tables and cabinets that are connected together and combined depending on the required functionality and finish. With its ability to create a ”room within a room”, Space is much more than a classic storage unit, but also works as a room divider, sound absorber and area for group work in support of the various activities performed in the working day. Space makes storage units a natural part of an interior.

Space's unique expression is the brainchild of the renowned designer Stefan Brodbeck. Brodbeck, who has previously designed Kinnarps' award-winning chair Embrace, plays with proportions and forms, where different types of material and colours emphasise and contrast each other. It combines what is organic and gentle with the straight and the sombre.

"Space is about how storage is used today and how it will be used in the future. It links in with our perspective on how people wish to work and act in a modern workplace. The aim with Space was to create a universal system that works with many different needs. A flexible and modular solution with great adaptation possibilities. A unit with exciting features and options to create functional but also emotional and inspiring workplaces," says Stefan Brodbeck.

With its flexible design, Space is very suitable in an activity-based environment, and with Kinnarps' large selection of different colours and materials, Space can also be tailor-made to fit many different environments.'