NAV Bergen Norway


As the employees were to move from one building to another, this created an opportunity to make major changes with regard to both furniture and colours.

Kinnarps represented by Gro Krüger and a project team from NAV consisting of three people held regular dialogues and meetings throughout the whole process. The user group was highly committed and we needed a lot of time to find the right solutions and colours.


The employees were to move from cell offices to open-plan ones. They wanted a solution that was as flexible as possible. No fixed places for about two thirds of the open-plan area. This was because many employees are constantly on the move. Storage caddies are not assigned to all desks and are moved to specified collection points at the end of each working day. All desks can be raised and lowered, making them easy for new users to adjust.

The colours were important, not least for the social zone, so that meetings, Friday gatherings etc. would take place in a cheerful ambience, and partly also to make up for the area “lost” in the move.


The whole idea with this project was to create various types of zones designed to stimulate different types of use/meetings/dialogues etc. A smaller area for workplaces, but compensated by attractive social zones and meeting places.