Sogedi, France


A growing company
In March 2013 the French finance company Sogedi moved into their new office in Haute-Goulaine. The company needed larger facilities since it had grown substantially and the number of employees had three folded. Important aspects in creating the new work environment were efficiency and productivity as well as the well-being of the employees. To create a representative and functional workspace.


Well-beeing & efficiency
When furnishing Sogedis new open space office acoustics and functional solutions were important. Focus was on creating a good work environment with a pleasant sound level. With significant values as well-being and efficiency. For the individual, the group and the department. Ergonomically, space-efficient and practical interior solutions. For individual work, dialogue or meetings.


Mobility and focused work
The result is an open space office of 1200 m2 divided on two floors. Furnished with functionality and design. With colours and light. And practical solutions. All for prosperous co-workers. Work stations with user-friendly and ergonomic task chairs and space-efficient desks with convenient storing. Meeting rooms with inviting furniture and representative management rooms. Smart screen solutions provide a good sound level and also work as room or space divider.

Project Facts

CLIENT: French finance company Sogedi moved into new built office in Haute- Goulaine.

FUNCTIONS: Open space office of 1200 m2 divided on two floors.


INTERIOR SOLUTIONS: Series[e] one table, Rezon screens, Screenit screens, Series[n] desk, Mento task chair, Esencia task chair, Plint chair, Fenix chair, Centrum armchair, Angle table, Remus, Serie[e] storage.