An appeal for a better school environment

Kinnarps has endeavoured to realise good working environments for the UK’s business environment for many years and we are now looking to build on our Scandinavian success in education to improve Britain’s largest and most important workplace. We invite teachers, business leaders, local authorities and parents to participate in a dialogue – after all, the quality of the schools of the future affects us all. 

Put on your thinking caps and join us!

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Everyone has the right to a good work environment!

Anyone who works in the education sector knows that you don’t get very far without dialogue. We are very confident about the quality of the products and  services we offer, but we also know that the results will be better still if we can work collaboratively with teachers and the student body. 

In order to arrive at the optimum solution to every assignment, we not only research the precise needs and working practices of the school, but also liase with local authorities, experts and other stakeholders involved in the project. In this way we act as a resource throughout the process, and for all educational levels, from pre-school to university and adult education.


Everyone has the right to a good work environment!

– Ergonomics and quality for teachers, students and other staff

Research studies point clearly to an important relationship: if people feel well, they perform well and are less likely to be absent due to sickness or to need rehabilitation, thus reducing costs. We know what we can contribute, but also that the result is better when we work together with educationalists. How can we become better at helping you?


Release the new way of learning!

– Furniture and knowledge to support new educational ideas

The traditional classroom is still important, now that it has been updated with state-of-the art technology and more flexible furniture. The concept of “the eloquent classroom” is based on students learning best when they play an active part in the whole process, a concept that the Kinnarps school, which is built around the possibilities offered by modern technology, has fully embraced. What experience of the new way of learning can you contribute?


Children are our future!

 – A good school environment is a precondition for the economy of tomorrow

Working life naturally benefits if students feel well and are successful at school. Kinnarps believes in a more active cooperation between the school world and business; partly in order to prepare students for life after school, and partly to give them a broader understanding of their local community and businesses. How can schools and businesses approach each other more closely?


Think sustainably!

– We are all involved in working towards sustainable development

With our origins in the Swedish countryside, it has been natural for us to adopt an environmental approach with careful use of resources from the very beginning. Kinnarps has always endeavoured to offer products and services for the school world that produce a minimum environmental impact during their entire life cycle. But our long experience in environmental matters has made us realistic. Visions and long-term aims are all very well, but it’s the practical work that decides whether environmental initiatives are successful or not. How can we do more to help the school world become more sustainable?