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Kinnarps believes that there is a natural link between the effectiveness of an organisation and its physical environment. We combine our knowledge of space planning, ergonomics and design to create functional and stimulating environments for learning. With over 60 years’ experience of delivering solutions to a wide range of workplaces, we now develop ergonomic and aesthetic educational environments where both students and teachers feel inspired and are motivated to reach their full potential. Here are some examples of the environments we offer.

Classroom – environments for different ways of learning

The traditional classroom is still important, even if it has been updated with modern technology and inspirational interior design. Areas for project work should provide quiet, contemplative areas, but should also facilitate interaction and encourage creative discussions. ”The narrative classroom” concept builds on the idea that we learn best when we play an active role in our learning and Kinnarps designs-in the space and flexibility to encourage this approach.

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Corridor/storage – for fast and flexible changes

Corridors don’t have to be soulless transport routes. They can function as effective communication and logistics channels.  People are often crowded and in a hurry and it’s important for everyone to be able to move quickly, smoothly and safely. Well thought-out communal furnishing and use of corridor space can completely alter the flow and energy of the learning environment.

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Mediatek – designed for new technology

The ideal situation is for books and periodicals to be placed close to the computers so that the resources complement one another. It is also important for students to have access both to quiet spaces and to areas where they can have group discussions without disrupting others.  Staff should be situated nearby and available to offer guidance.

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Library – stimulates active research

It doesn’t matter whether it’s called ‘The Library’, ‘Media Resources’ or ‘The Information Centre’: these are just different terms for the environment around which the student’s active quest for knowledge is centred. The design, layout and furnishing of the area should support and stimulate this quest, whether it revolves around printed books, audio or online media, and regardless of the age of the student.

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Teachers’ break – a place for reflection and conversation

Many areas of academic buildings are common to students and teachers, but there is also a need for space that is specifically designed for staff. Kinnarps offers workspaces for contemplation, concentration, reception and information, as well as provision for much-needed relaxation and interaction with colleagues.

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A teacher’s workplace – good ergonomics, smart storage

In order for students to learn as much as they can and the organisation to function as well as possible, academic and administrative staff must have the right working conditions.  The users of offices and staff common rooms within learning environments are just as deserving of good design and user-friendly furniture as those within the commercial world.

You can you find several environments and school products here

Kinnarps Total Service Concept

Kinnarps guides you through your entire purchasing process – securely and simply. The core of our comprehensive customer support is our proven standard, complimentary service in six steps, which can be complemented by a range of additional services if required. Kinnarps offers advisory services within several areas, such as project management, lighting, ergonomics and financing.

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