Many Advantages


Creating an activity based working environment is a wise investment.

Today many of us are working away from the office for large parts of the working week. This means that in some working environments, half of the workplaces can be empty. High rents mean that it is difficult to justify this inefficient use of space. The traditional way of calculating surface area in a working environment is to focus on square metres per workplace. Next Office – ABW allows you to instead focus on square metres per employee who is actually present.


By having a working environment which can quickly be custom- ised to more or fewer employees, you have greater flexibility. With Next Office – ABW, you never need to rebuild; instead, you can just rearrange your premises when you need to. Suddenly, it becomes simple to go from 100 to 150 employees, or vice versa, without the need to increase or decrease the area of the premises. In an age where the market reacts to changes with lightning speed, the ability to remain flexible has become all the more important.


Creativity often occurs in random discussions with people who have different experiences than you have. Creating a workplace which is designed for spontaneous meetings is a great way to enhance the creative climate. Traditional working environ- ments often consist of personal workplaces, meeting rooms and coffee/lunch rooms, relatively “locked” areas where it can sometimes be difficult to find new experiences and meet new people. With Next Office – ABW you instead create a working environment where movement, flexibility and creativity are key.


Static work is not good and often leads to neck problems plus shoulder pain and backache. When you use fixed workplaces, it is difficult to address the problem. With flexible workplaces which are functional and customised for different types of activities, you get completely different movement and ergonomic advantages. This provides further synergy effects in terms of lower costs of sick leave and a more motivated and produc- tive staff.


As human beings, we appreciate beautiful and inspiring environments. Research shows that design actually has a greater impact on us than previously thought. Here, design is connected to a wide concept which is about a holistic approach to the working environment. There is a clear connection between welfare/wellbeing and creativity/efficiency. Investing in an attractive design has many advantages, in addition to getting employees to thrive, you strengthen your own brand and become more attractive to new talent and employees.