Cooperation between Kinnarps Hungary and MOME, Hungary's leading University of Arts


The cooperation between MOME and Kinnarps Hungary is mainly based on their similar approach to design. By merging design philosophy principles and essentials such as aesthetics, ergonomics and sustainability with seemingly impossible, at times, daring ideas, both parties have managed to create truly innovative products.

The aim of this cooperation is to broaden the horizon of these talented students, by allowing them to experience the fundamentally different approach typical in Sweden, not only towards design, but also towards sustainability.


The cooperation consisted of conferences, workshops and finaly a competition where the students should rethink the MOME's campus and the garden surrounding it.

The jury, which consisted of both Hungarian and Swedish professionals, selected Hejopapi from the 6 finalist projects as the winner.


Read the complete story about the cooperation and the competition here:

Case Study

Winner announcment