Kinnarps in Clerkenwell Design Week


Having moved to Turnmill Street late last year, we are taking part in Clerkenwell Design Week for the first time in 2013. We have two exciting installations as well as a fun design competition.

Joe McCrae Capturing the Spirit of Clerkenwell Design Week

Joe is a young British artist who will be painting a ‘live’, evolving art installation, evoked by the people and events of Clerkenwell Design Week 2013, as it unfolds. You can be part of this project by inspiring Joe.  You will be able to tell us what you think should be included in this ‘Spirit of Clerkenwell’ artwork and then keep an eye on Joe’s painting to see if he agrees with you.

The installation will be live in the foyer of our showroom - drop in and see it evolve for yourself.
We will also be running a time-lapse photo update here on our website and in social media channels. 


Kinnarps has collaborated with Swedish-based avant garde designer Bea Szenfeld to explore the concept of defining individuality in the workplace.  The result is a series of installations that challenge the conventional perceptions of ‘work space’ and ‘keeping ideas in mind’.  Bea’s workstations are quirky, retro-influenced and playful reinterpretations, which see ideas pinned to mannequin heads with butterfly collector’s pins and dreams of space travel setting the scene for creative thinking. You can see the installation on the lower ground floor of our showroom


With the onus on efficiency and systems, are we in danger of creating working environments characterised only by homogeneity?  How can we encourage individualism, without destroying the overall effectiveness of the workspace?
In her Work Space collaboration with Kinnarps, avant garde designer Bea Szenfeld explored creative thinking and self-expression through customisation of workspaces.  Now it’s your turn.
How will You Pimp YOUR Desk? Take part in our quick-think design competition in our showroom. The only limitations are time (you have five minutes) and your wildest imaginings.  Inspire us! Entries will be judged on Thursday by Bea Szenfeld, Kinnarps AB’s marketing and communications director Paulina Lundström, and Mix Interiors editor Mick Jordan.

More news to follow as we get closer to the event!