International supermarket giant chooses Swedish interiorspede.

Ahold is one of the world’s largest supermarket operators. Ahold is the market leader in the Czech Republic where it is very well known. So the establishment of Ahold Central Europe in Prague comes as no surprise. Kinnarps is the choice of interiors for the new offi ce complex in Nove Butovice and the Optima Butovic Shopping Centre.


User-friendliness and a vivid atmosphere

The brief of this interior design project was to create a more userfriendly work environment with a vivid colour scheme for the administration. But it also called for a simple furnishing solution allowing a natural workfl ow. These ideas were to harmonize with the building’s special architecture as well as with the other outlets in the shopping centre located next to Ahold’s offi ce building.


A perfect match between philosophy and premises

The comprehensive purchase project took about a year from initial contact to fi nal delivery and the Nordic image of lightwood, bright colours and high degree of user-friendliness were all decisive factors when Ahold selected Kinnarps to supply the new furniture for Ahold Central Europe. The fundamental reason for Ahold’s decision was the high quality and extensive range of Kinnarps offer and specifi cally three different types of workstations: “standard”, “executive” and “top management”, all of them with the right quality at the right price. Another important factor was the high-class range of offi ce chairs that made Ahold reconsider its original idea of having various chairs for different positions. In the end, they chose the highest standard for all employees.

Project Facts

YEAR:                   2005
                              CENTRAL PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC
EMPLOYEES:        400
Project group:     Daniela Zarubova, assistant to CEO Ahold; Filip
                               Havlis, architect; Katerina Cervenkova, sales
                               director Kinnarps.