Bettys & Taylors


Bettys & Taylors built new HQ 2006

Betty & Taylors was formed by the merger in 1962 of the Bettys Café Tea Rooms and bakery business with Taylors family tea and coffee merchants. The Café Tea Rooms are now famous across Yorkshire and a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. Taylors of Harrogate is one of the top 3 tea brands in the UK and a household name for fine coffee.



Bringing a building to life

Bettys & Taylors built a new production facility – the Yorkshire Tea Hall - in the late 1990’s and continued in 2006 with the design and build of a new Taylors HQ alongside.

The purpose of the new building is to accommodate administrative and support teams, who were previously scattered in lots of inter-connecting rooms off the older factory section. " We took a great deal of care and considered thinking to get the planning right", commented Mary Godfrey, creative director at Bettys & Taylors, "it was important to build the values of the company within the interior specification, whilst maxismising staff comfort and well-being." Mary also wanted to break down any perceived barriers between office based staff and ‘the shop floor’ and pull the whole team together, including sharing facilities such as the staff café, changing facilities and showers.


Bettys & Taylors choose Kinnarps for classic scandinavian simplicity

Once the decision to use Kinnarps had been made, there were details to be added and options were discussed and tweaked but the final solution was ordered in late 2006 and delivered early in 2007. " What will bring this building to life are the people in it." says Mary Godfrey, creative director at Bettys & Taylors. The Kinnarps furniture will support and inspire them. Scandinavian design relates to people. It has an association with human beings. The lighter style and simplicity was perfect for our setting. It can be contemporary without being faddish. It’s classic, beyond fashion.”

Kinnarps supplied over 80 workstations, various meeting rooms and break-out furniture as well as café seating. In the open-plan, Kinnarps series [t] workstations in Oak veneer were complemented with series [e] storage in light grey with matching Oak tops. 5000 series task chairs in a variety of sober Comfort fabric colours and Skandiform Afternoon chairs completed the seating. The café on the first floor used Skandiform S&B chairs alongside more relaxed Afternoon seats.

Project Facts

CLIENT:                 Bettys & Taylors
LOCATION:           Harrogate, Yorkshire