Diligentia, Stockholm


Diligentia is a real estate company that makes a difference. One way in which this can be seen is with the help of an exhibition which presents activity-based working environments and conceptual office solutions for tenants, potential tenants and others who are curious to find out about offices for forward-looking companies. Together with Kinnarps, Diligentia has developed a workplace for a fictional company.


Innovative environments

In premises with existing walls and rooms, to create an innovative environment which shows the possibilities offered by furnishing and working according to an activity-based method. The office covers 460 square metres and is furnished for a company with 52 employees, i.e. 8.8 square metres per person. This can be compared with the conventional area of 20 square metres which was previously accepted as the norm for one employee.

the solution

Maximum variety of environments

Taking its own Next Office concept (activity-based working) and Diligentia’s activity-based concept, Kinnarps furnished the premises with a number of furnishing archetypes. The idea was to create a maximum variety of environments. Among the furnishing archetypes are: Stand-up Meeting Place, Touchdown, Abode, Multitouchdown, Library, Project Table and New Cube. The office is furnished with a variety of environments to support all the various work tasks which are carried out during the day, so that everyone can always find an environment which suits their needs of the moment.

Project Facts

16 ergonomic workplaces, 32 high seating meeting places, 28 low seating meeting places, 9 rooms, 10 standing areas.
Helena Ekman Head of Office Leasing, Diligentia
Annette Johansson Office manager, Diligentia
Jonas Hurtigh Grabe Veldhoen + Company
Jonas Falk Strategic Architecture
Helen Bergman Kinnarps Interior
Anders Renström Kinnarps Interior
Henrik Axell Kinnarps AB
Kinnarps AB, Materia, Gärsnäs, Ogeborg, Lintex, Gulled, Innemost