Modul 1


Move to a new location in the center of Stockholm

Modul 1 is a Swedish IT consultancy that develops, maintains and assures the quality of IT solutions and special services for business and administrative clients. The company is dedicated to supplying dovetailed and customized solutions, an ethos that permeates its working atmosphere and customer relationships. The company has recently moved to the former tram depot on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm.


Professional and attractive meeting place for customers and employees

This move has given it an opportunity to create a serious and professional working environment that is also an attractive meeting place for employees and customers.


Mobility and focused work

The solution was a stylish space with a congenial ambience that promotes mobility and focused work. In parallel with planning the new office environment, Modul 1 has also rethought its design profile. It has made use of the move to coordinate the ”silent” but vital messages sent out by the design profile of a main office, for example - an unusual opportunity that Modul 1 has used well.

Project Facts

CLIENT:                 Modul 1
                               CENTRAL PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC
EMPLOYEES:         Number of workplaces: 150 employees
                               sharing 75 workplaces
Project group:     Mats Johansson, project leader at Belkos
                               Consult AB; Ann-Charlotte Nilsson, architect
                               SIR; Niklas Würtz, project leader at Kinnarps.