NHS Information Centre


Special Healt Authority

The Information Centre is a Special Health Authority, created in April 2005 to co-ordinate and streamline the collection and sharing of health and social care data collected within the health and social care services. It's objectives are to reduce the burden of data collection, allowing recources to be focused on patient care, making infromation more accessible and acting as a central resource for anyone requiring healtcare related information.


Making more of an existing building

The Kinnarps team visited the facility and made a study of the site. Proposals were made that suggested the provision of Kinnarps Series [e] desking and workstations for the open areas which provided the larget ergonomic requirements and use ingenious design to provide the smaller workstation footprint that has enabled such an impressive improvementi in space utilisation. Kinnarps Zonit 20 screening provides enough privacy and damping of noice without loosing the benefits of having eye contact and direct communication wtih neighbouring members of the team. Considerable space saving were made by changing from CRT VDU screens to flat screen monitors


Modernising to increase efficiency

With a heave reliance on information technology it was important that the Information Centre enjoyed the latest facilities in office systems, something that would prove difficult with the facilities that existed in it's dated Trevelyan Square head office in Leeds. However, in addition to requiring new, efficient systems perhaps the greater task was to eke out space for up to 40% more staff in the existing building, to house a total of around 300 people.

Project Facts

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