New office in Prague

PPL CZ s.r.o. is one of the Czech Republic’s largest forwarding agents with both national and international operations. The company has moved to its own completely new office on the outskirts of Prague.


Accentuate the company’s identity and corporate profile

The architecture accentuates the company’s identity and corporate profile. For example, the brand’s blue colour is used both on the exterior and in several places in the interior. The interiors supplied by Kinnarps include a simple but practical reception area, spaces for chilling-out and a unique office layout that combines the best of individual offices with open-plan solutions.

Project Facts

CLIENT:                 PPL
Customer:           PPL CZ s.r.o.
EMPLOYEES:         30
Project group:     Jiri Hondl CEO PPL; Vera Benesova, office
                               manager PPL; Zdenek Lanc, CEO BLK; Alena
                               Hofmanova, sales manager Kinnarps; Jan
                               Charouz, architect Kinnarps.