An international medical company moved to new and functional premises

Roche is an international healthcare company with a broad spectrum of innovative medical solutions. For more than 100 years, they have been active in the discovery and development, manufacturing and marketing of novel healthcare solutions. The move to the new premises in Finland started a furnishing project and co-operation with Kinnarps Oy.


A fresh, cozy and modern office

The customers request was an easy-going and functional office, coloured and funrnished with modern style. Kinnarps made a furniture proposal, which was based on an open landscape solution. The workstations were designed with straight tables and slide door cabinets. Rezon screen walls were planned to divide the workstations from each other. Colourful and comfortable seating groups as well as some functional meeting places were designed to complete the area.


A perfect match between philosophy and premises

The project moved on with speed. The furniture plan was appropriate and detailed colour and material issues were solved quickly. The customer was especially pleased with the freshness and innovativeness of the solution. Clear and compact workstations, bright colours and modern furniture fitted perfectly to the original vision. The most important thing for the closing of the contract was competent and complete service. The customer could trust the whole project, in the hands of Kinnarps.

Project Facts

YEAR:                   2007
CLIENT:                Roche Ooy
LOCATION:          Roche Oy´s 2 new premises
Project group:    Marita Saanila-Ssotamaa, Personal Manager, Roche Oy , Aija Kovanen, Account Manager, Kinnarps Oy

Architect/Interior designer: Merja Kelaranta, Kinnarps Oy