Södertälje City Hall


A place for meetings, information and culture

Södertäljre is not just Sweden´s most multi-cultural city. It is also where Sweden´s most modern city hall was inaugurated in the autumn of 2008 - a place for meetings, information and culture that strengthens the city´s profile and visions of the future. A building whose mottos are openness and democracy. The municipality´s services were previosly distributed among no fewer than seven different locations around the city. The project allowed the unicipality´s administrative staff, some 450 people, to be accommodated in a single modern building.


A new way of working in an openoffice landscape

The relocation also provided an opportunity to plan a completely new and more efficient way of working in an open office landscape. The interior designers specified the kind of furniture they wanted - a mix o both Swedish and foreign products. As soon as Kinnarps Interior knew that they had won the tender, they build and presented a prototype of the workplace. There were many special features, including specific enamels for the desk frames, special tracks for the cabinet doors and highly absorbent textiles for the screens.

Interior designer Marco Checchi from BSK Arkitekter, the company that designed both the building and its interiors, welcomed the enthusiasm for these special requirements. Many intelligent ideas and detailed solutions resulted in 450 workplaces with elevator desks, textile-clad screens and cabinets matched to the customer´s wishes in terms of colour and form.

The workplaces are accommodated on the third to eighth floors, and the central atrium creates a lively, dynamic and coherent ambiance for both employees and visitors.

Project Facts

YEAR:                   2008
CLIENT:                Södertälje Municipality, City Hall

Project group:     Anders Kuysler, Södertälje Municipality
                               Marco Checchi, BSK Arkitekter
                               Peter Karlsson, Kinnarps Interior Södertälje
                               Marcus Bagstevold, Kinnarps Interior Södertälje
                               Rune Karlsson, Kinnarps AB