SWEP Slovakia, s.r.o.


2006 – International company in the heat transfer field building a new factory. 2009 – Factory expansion of the successful company.

SWEP is a rapidly growing international company in the heat transfer field. Today, SWEP is close to its customers, with representation in more than 50 countries and its own dedicated sales force in more than 20 countries. Highly efficient production units in Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia, Slovakia and China make it possible to serve customers all over the world. The company is part of the global Dover Corporation.

At the beginning we had a simple mission; to help Swep with the temporary offices and prepare the plan for the administrative part of the new factory. During the progress we were also asked to prepare the offer for the glazed walls and interior doors. We managed almost complete interior solution in cooperation with SWEP and the building company. Kinnarps finally provided delivery and assembly of the furniture, reception desk, glazed walls and interior doors. After three years of Kinnarps service we were asked for the offer of the administrative part for the new factory. According to all the previous experience with Kinnarps, we finally had the order.


Function and ergonomic solution with nature feeling

Like all the other companies, SWEP needed ergonomic furniture with functionality and the environmental background of the Swedish company like Kinnarps is. At the first place, there was also the demand for the nature feeling and look of the furniture to make a friendly office space for all the employees.


Layout and 3D pictures where one of the decision making point.

Kinnarps provided complete service; solution of the interior, layout, 3D pictures, which were one of the decision making point for SWEP. We took care of the delivery and assembly not only for the furniture but also reception desk, glazed walls and interior doors for the first phase. The second phase is ordered and carefully planned with Kinnarps delivery department, so everything will be delivered and assembled after the new part of the factory is ready.

All the workstations were designed from the series [e] tables with veneered top, Zonit desktop screens and series [e] storages. To give the employees the best ergonomic seating, SWEP decided to choose plus [6] desk chairs with headrests for all of them. Meeting rooms were furnished with series [T] conference table and plus [cv] chairs. We used series [e] tables with veneered top and the riff chair for canteen. Pio is nice finishing touch to the reception desk in the entrance hall. The only change in the second phase is that we designed soon seating for the waiting and rest areas.

Project Facts

YEAR:                2006/2009
CLIENT:              SWEP Slovakia, s.r.o.
PROJECT:           Phase 1 – 2006 - Offices, reception, rest area 
                           and canteen for factory.
                           Phase 2 – 2009 - Offices, rest areas and canteen
                           for new part of the factory.
Contact person: Rikard Malmback, General Manager, 
                           SWEP Slovakia
Project group:     Peter Svacho, Sales Manager, Kinnarps Slovakia
                           Jakub Hermann, KAA & Marketing Manager, 
                           Kinnarps Slovakia
                           Veronika Huckova, Sales Support, 
                           Kinnarps Slovakia