Modern office furniture has enabled Waitrose to optimise the use of space

The co-operation between Waitrose and Kinnarps started three years ago when Kinnarps was asked to be a complete furniture solution supplier for their new office areas.


Colourful, creative enviroment

Desking was selected to complement the existing storage units, which were retained, and combined with new screening. The screening has been supplied in different colours to denote each department, while also adding visual interest to the space. Each department also had a ‘champion’ whose role was to keep other members of the department informed about the planned office design. Since the offices have been occupied the feedback from staff has been very positive.


Optimising the space for the teams

“Use of straight desking and flat computer monitors enables us to fit more workstations into a smaller space, without compromising on the comfort of staff, but this did create concerns with some people,” recalled Andy Felton from Waitrose’s facilities department. “We felt it was critical to get their buy-in so, with the help of Kinnarps and interior designers Saspirella, we engaged in lengthy and detailed consultations with staff,” he continued.

Project Facts

CLIENT:                Waitrose