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Extending the possibilities

Kinnarps produces furniture of the highest quality and as a result our products stand the test of time. Due to their extended lifetime, our products are sometimes replaced before they are physically worn out. We think it makes good environmental sense to work actively to find ways to reuse, rather than recycle, these redundant items by forming partnerships with organisations like Green Standards. Under this scheme local schools and charities benefit by receiving good quality furniture that would otherwise go to landfill and projects like ’School in a Box’ are provided with container loads of IT equipment and furniture to ship to disadvantaged communities in the third world. Initiatives like these make a real difference in more ways than one. Obviously, when reuse is not possible we like to keep one step ahead of current legislation defining manufacturer responsibility and proactively recycle as much as possible, carefully disposing of the rest. But, as we’ve already said, Kinnarps product takes a long time to reach the end of its life, so there’s a world of possibilities to explore before then.

"It was incredible to see the donated equipment from ’Waste to Wonder’ being used right in the heart of rural Batoke. Support such as this is really making a difference to the lives of these children and the wider community."
/Shelley Waterland, Programmes Manager, Born Free Foundation

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