Quality & flexibility

Paradoxically, paying a bit more often means paying less in the long run. High quality is an investment on both economic and environmental counts. Here are our best do-it-yourself tips for quality and flexibility.



Sustainable quality, a sustainable future
High quality means less wear and tear. That’s a gain for both your company and the environment.


Think long-term. Invest in good quality.
Furniture that can be changed and complemented over time is an investment, both economically and in terms of the environment.


Opt for timeless design
Furniture with a timeless design is always practical, irrespective of prevailing trends.


Guarantees and service – secure your investment
Invest in quality furniture that carries a guarantee and is easy to complement and repair.


Freshen up and re-use
Don’t throw out furniture that is beginning to wear – it may be possible to refurbish it.


Pass it on
Re-use, and if you must replace, give it away. Your furniture can continue to do good service in less affluent parts of the world.


Hire your furniture
The simple green way to manage furniture. Hire it and replace it or have it repaired as needed. Your company avoids drawing on its capital and high requirements are placed on manufacturers to produce furniture that is more recyclable.


Show the way forward, acquire business
Good green ideas are in great demand. Talk about your green initiatives and acquire new business, customers and partners.


Opt for quality in-house environments – all the way
Always use environmentally friendly cleaning products as far as possible. Introduce more plants – they clean the air and make your workplace environmentally friendlier and more pleasant.


Good food – green food
Change to fair-trade and/or organic coffee and tea. Are there local producers of organic food in your area? Use them for a greener and more enjoyable lunch experience.

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