Travel & meetings

It’s certainly possible to run efficient and productive meetings without everyone being physically present. Modern technology and flexible meeting equipment allows you to travel less – a major saving for most companies. Less travel also means less impact on the climate. Here are our best do-it-yourself tips for travel and meetings.



Meet where you work
You don’t need expensive conference rooms to hold good meetings. Create meeting zones at your workplaces with the aid of flexible furnishing solutions.


Meet on the Internet
Today’s technology makes professional meetings possible via Internet, video or telephone conferences so that you avoid spending a lot of money and time on travel. Moreover, you dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.


Let the meeting programme decide
Modern, computer-based meeting programmes for booking premises etc. can quickly become worthwhile by systematically making meetings and the use of premises more efficient. Why heat a room that is not used on certain days. Indeed, you may not even need so many rooms.


Conference? Use local transport
Use conference premises that are close to bus or commuter stations. Reduce travel costs, be kind to Mother Earth.


Bus points bring benefits
Motivate your employees to use local transport as far as possible, especially on business trips. This reduces costs – and the impact on environment.


Cleaner cars, simple solutions
Always encourage your employees to choose cars with minimum emissions. Older cars can also be made more environmentally friendly. Choose tyres with low rolling resistance, remove the roof rack if it is not being used, etc.


The green train
Travelling by train means no less than 75% lower emissions of carbon dioxide than if you choose to fly. If you plan well in advance, it’s also a whole lot cheaper.

28 Shared cars for everyone’s benefit
It’s the modern way of using a car – both privately and for the company. The benefits - less impact on the environment, fewer expensive company cars but still great flexibility for those who need to travel.

Remote support
Several offices spread out across the country? Then use IT solutions instead of travelling around. Save time, money and energy (both literally and environmentally).


Learn via the web
Train your staff via the Internet or e-mail. E-learning saves time and money too.

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