Kinnarps Code of Conduct

Kinnarps has had its roots in the fertile Swedish countryside since the company was founded by Jarl and Evy Andersson in 1942. From the beginning Kinnarps was a small family owned manufacturer of furniture for offices and has now become Europe’s third largest provider of workspace interior solutions. High quality and low environmental impact encompass the entire chain – from raw material to finished solutions for the workspace.

Since 1942 Kinnarps has expanded and is now located in 36 countries. Kinnarps is still a wholly owned family company and the business concept is still the same – we take responsibility for the whole chain. Our factories are exclusively located in Sweden at five different locations including the village of Kinnarp, where it all started.

Kinnarps Basic Values
Strenuous Rights at Work and labour standards, respect for the environment and social responsibility is a natural part of the Swedish culture. These issues are reflected in the Kinnarps basic values which are important to us and we work systematically to ensure that they are adopted by the whole organisation. Kinnarps basic values are a direct heritage from Kinnarps’ founders which colours all our operations – all the way from how we do business to how we interact together.

1. Forward-thinking spirit and creativity
We endeavour to pursue development and always see opportunities. We aim to be creative, dare to be different and dare to do what nobody else has done. We work effectively, persevere and always strive to do better.

2. Independence and professionalism
We endeavour to trust our own knowledge and skills and believe in the opportunities that present themselves. We perform our work in such a way that you can be proud of your profession and strive after personal development.

3. Honesty and humility
We endeavour to be open and honest in all communication and behave respectfully towards all people, regardless of their status or role. We comply with laws and regulations and keep your promises.

4. Responsibility and understanding connections
We endeavour to take responsibility, be thrifty with resources and carry out operations in such a way that they can be sustained. We go to the source with problems and find out the real needs for a long-term solution. We understand connections, predictconsequences, take all aspects into consideration, evaluate and balance.

How Kinnarps fulfil the responsibilities

To ensure that our way of doing business in a responsible manner is maintained in all aspects of the company, we have created the Kinnarps Code of Conduct. Its purpose is to stipulate conditions in the fields of human rights, labour standards, environmental management and anti-corruption criteria to be followed and respected by all persons who work for or in partnership with Kinnarps.

In order to ensure that our work with these issues is carried out in an accountable way, Kinnarps has based its Code of Conduct on the United Nations Global Compacts* ten principles. This is done in order to make the commitment clear to employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. The principles are regulated and monitored through our management systems and Kinnarps compliance to the Code of Conduct is monitored through internal auditing and supplier evaluation.

Download the complete Kinnarps Code of Conduct here (pdf)