The building itself has a 'raw' feel - a result of Architect Dominik Arioli 's concept of "if we really don't need it - don't buiild it"
He found the evolution of a new, sustainability-led aesthetic an interesting process to undergo.  He explains, “It was difficult not to allow the requirements of LEED fully to dictate the look and feel of the structure and to forget that the building will need to house a living, breathing work community.”

“The temptation was to adopt the industrial aesthetic afforded by the raw materials and have a purity of design that dictated a monochrome palette throughout. However, the end users are a dynamic, vibrant, challenging set of individuals who will stamp their personality on the building no matter what. 

The deliberate separation of services (piping and electical conduits etc) from the core building builds-in a future-proof ability to replace the equipment when advances are made and more sustainable solutions available. The building is designed to be updated during its life and be easily recycled at the end of its service.