All the furnishings for IUCN’s new headquarters were delivered and fitted by Kinnarps’ own delivery drivers during a two week period.

In line with Kinnarps’ commitment to environmental responsibility, everything was delivered on the company’s own environmentally adapted ‘blue trucks’, which run on eco-diesel and have tyres that prevent the emission of high aromatic oils. The trucks are responsibly ‘eco-driven’ by company employees who are also trained and experienced fitters.

To protect it in transit the furniture was wrapped in Kinnarps’ trademark blankets and reusable cardboard packaging, which were then loaded back into the trucks and taken back to the factories in Sweden to be used again.

Using its own fitters meant that Kinnarps was able to ensure that everyone involved in the IUCN project was familiar with the demands that the building’s environmental status places on its users. They were aware and respectful of details such as doors needing to be closed to maintain the efficiency of the fresh air circulation system and of the need for the furniture layout to work within the power supply configuration dictated by minimising the use of materials.

The fitters stayed on-site, in the cabs of their lorries, for the duration of the fit out, to ensure that every available working hour was optimised and that they were on hand at all times. 

The final result

The natural simplicity of Kinnarps Scandinavian style furniture complements the building perfectly and brings life to the interior. 
“The introduction of colour has humanised the space and I think this is a genuinely beautiful building. However, with its rough concrete walls it’s perhaps not beautiful within the parameters that people would usually expect!”

Kinnarps have delivered a complete solution for the whole building - including workstations, break out areas, flexible conference and training rooms and the restaurant. The following pictures give an overview of the completed interior with a short explanation of each area. Rollover and click on the thumbnail pictures in the slide above to view them.

More images can be found in the image library.