The Kinnarps Basic Service

The core of our program

Our basic service offers support from the start of the project to after-sales service in six steps – irrespective of the size of your order. With professional project management, our own expertise and tools such as Configura, we can help you, for instance to minimise your office space or enhance the image of your company as an attractive workplace. The basic service comprises a complete package. We deliver and install our products without leaving any packaging behind. 





At the earliest opportunity we lay the foundation with a detailed analysis of wishes, needs and the requirements of the premises.

Furnishing proposals

The proposal is presented two- or three-dimensionally with accompanying proposals for colour and materials. Together, we reach an agreed solution.


Involve management, staff and representatives in the process. In our showrooms you can see, feel and try out our furniture. We can also provide show suites on your site for major projects and demonstrate products such as seating to potential users.


When the decision has been made, we ask for a customer order No and you will then receive
confirmation of the order within a few days and we finalise the agreed delivery times.

Delivery and fitting

With our own vehicles, blankets as packaging and our own directly-employed fitters, we see to it that the solution arrives on site and that strict quality control is observed.

After-sales service

When you have fully inspected the completed installation, we continue to develop ideas as your business needs change.