Sitting is about moving

Who controls your chair?

This is how it should be: The chair should follow the natural movements of the body. The body should control the chair, not the other way around. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case. At best we adjust our chair once when we get it, at worst the controls are developed for engineers and not the user, inhibiting further adjustment. A chair which does not follow your movements or is difficult to adjust can have devastating consequences if your work requires you to sit for long periods. Sitting still for too long is not recommended. Be sure to use a chair which is easy to adjust and follows your movements. Then vary your position frequently.

“The desk chair shall support the user’s activities during the course of the day, it shall support the body’s natural pattern of movement. It is also important to move, even when sitting down.”
/Dieter Breithecker, Researcher in ergonomics and movement


The many adjustment options of the armrests provide optimum support for the individual across a range of tasks.


A good desk chair encourages movement. Our Synchron function enables the coordinated movement of seat and back. Alternatively, the FreeFloat function, allows seat and back to move independently, following your every move.


Quickly adjustable headrests and backrests give you the opportunity for a varied range of sitting and rest positions.


Choose from a range of specially-designed cushioning materials in the seat to achieve the desired level of comfort.