You have to stand up to have the energy to sit down

One desk, lots of options.

Ergonomics requires movement and variation of working posture. So what could be better than a vertically-adjustable desk? Standing restores a natural spinal curvature, which is important after a period of sitting, in order to avoid painful and costly back problems. Changing position from sitting to standing can also provide a new perspective of the task in hand. In addition, a vertically-adjustable desk is a very cost-effective solution if the workstation is to be used by several employees at different times, or if you want a flexible work and meeting table. People of different sizes will adjust their chair to best suit them. This benefit is wasted if they are then “forced” to sit at the same height desk and have to adapt their chair to suit it.

“As a part of moving to new premises, we took the opportunity to invest a bit in our staff by buying new furniture. I myself have long worked at a desk which is adjustable vertically and am very satisfied, so I wanted everyone to get the chance.”
/Anita Storgård, Unilever Helsingfors

A vertically-adjustable desk can be used by several employees of differing heights, working at different times. Being able to adjust the height depending on what you’re working on is also beneficial.

Working in a standing position from time to time during the day reduces the risk of lower back pain.