5 important job trends


What will we be talking about at work next year? From digitalisation to diversity, here are the most important questions and workplace trends which dominate conversations around the coffee machine in 2017.

  1. Keeping pace with the technological advancements becomes all the more important to individually decide where, when and how we work. It is of less importance if it is in your favourite café around the corner or in a creative room at work. (Kinnarps' experts are more than happy to answer any questions about the working environment of the future.)
  2. According to a study conducted by MIT Sloan Report, businesses that are slow to embrace digitalisation run the risk of losing up to a third of their best employees. You had better keep up with developments!
  3. Diversity is good for business A report by Forbes Insight states that 56 percent of America's top managers have positive experiences of this. When will it reach 100 percent?
  4. Why are we so bad at giving praise? A study conducted by Gallup shows that during a normal working week only every third employee receives a word of encouragement from their line manager. Let us change that!
  5. The World Economic Forum has in a report regarding future jobs established that in 2018 robots and AI (artificial intelligence) will make a major breakthrough on labour markets. It is only one more year away so it is time to get prepared.
    Source: Forbes