A new way of reading


Library. We all see the same picture in our minds. Breath-taking corridors with rows and rows of overstuffed bookshelves. The Mexican design studio Anagrama challenges our visual perspective with their library in the Mexican city of Monterrey. They were tasked to create an intimate and comfortable space to attract the city's young people to read books and magazines. And don't you think they have certainly managed to do this? The design forms a cosy cocoon where the bookshelves twist around like plants along walls and ceilings. In addition to offering book storage, the shelves are designed to give the feeling of a dome. At the centre of the room, there is a stand where readers can sit down and enjoy being in the illuminated half-circle. What is it people usually say: Don’t judge a book by its cover!

For further information: www.anagrama.com 

/xo Paulina