Become a winning business!


All studies show – if the staff are happy, the company is more successful. Here are some tips on how to keep your employees happy. Nope, it's nothing to do with salary.

Employees come and go, and staff turnover can often give an indication of the mood and level of enjoyment within a company. It's no secret that happy employees stay longer. Perhaps the perfect working atmosphere can never be created artificially, but here is some advice to help you on your way.
1. The "tone" of a workplace is key – it is often the CEO or senior management who creates this. Just as a bad atmosphere can be infectious, so can positive energy spread throughout the entire organisation.
2. Trust your employees. Many companies have realised that they obtain better results by giving their employees greater freedom. For example, the option of working from home. There are even companies which do not have any hard and fast rules about holiday allowance; time off work is simply taken "when needed". Just like there being no spending rules: "Treat the company's money as if it were your own." This has shown itself to be particularly effective.
3. Choosing an employee - get it right the first time. Not the easiest task maybe, but companies often reach their goals more easily if they prioritise company culture above actual qualifications. How would a potential employee fit into the organisation socially? Ensure this is done well and you avoid irritation and misunderstandings. Teamwork is always more important than the individual. Invest instead in training your employees – that's the best value for money.