Break bad habits


Corporate culture is essential. Consider your habits before it is too late.

Routines are a prerequisite if a company is to work, but the risk is that the routines that evolve over time can actually cause damage and be counterproductive. According to the Swedish organisational psychologist Rolf Olofsson, habits and routines arise automatically when many colleagues have repeated them over and over without actually reflecting on them.
“If you are in a meeting for instance and the boss says that we have to do things in a certain way. It may just be that in certain companies there is no culture of going against management,” comments Rolf Olofsson. 

How is it possible to alter this culture? According to Olofsson, the only way is to create an atmosphere where mistakes can be pointed without with fear of reprimand. But he warns at the same time that this takes time and patience is required. Just remember that a favourable company culture is a great asset to have. Products can be copied but never a culture.