How come that some work teams always perform better than others? Or that a jury made up of prominent and intelligent citizens can hand down amazingly rash verdicts? Kinnarps has had a closer look at an exciting survey - what makes up the perfect team!

First and foremost, it is easy to imagine that as a leader you have to be charismatic and driven to be a success. But it does not have to be this way at all. And neither does it have to be the case that the most intelligent teams perform best. The survey, conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and which was published in Science magazine, revealed instead three basic success factors.

1. A democratic order where everyone gets to speak works best.

2. It is also a major advantage to be able to interpret facial expressions and small changes in other team members. In short being attentive to others.

3. And finally, the more women in the team the better. More than 600 work teams were examined and those with most women enjoyed the best test results. 

The survey comprised both brainstorming and logical analyses. This may be something to consider when you are putting together your own dream team. It does not always have to be the case that those who shout loudest contribute most.