Facebook moves in


The American IT giant Facebook continues to expand. Not only regards the number of its users but also in terms of bricks and mortar at the main headquarters in California.

Facebook announced a few days ago that they have agreed on the construction of a residential area with some 400 units for their employees, only a stone's throw from the main headquarters in Menlo Park in California. Like everything else in the famous Silicon Valley, this apartment complex will be a mix of luxury and youthful playfulness. It will of course still have bean bags and video games. In addition they have allocated 1,300 square metres to be used for varying services only available to the residents, for instance a dog spa, a bicycle workshop, a café and a supermarket.
The competition to find staff is becoming tougher and tougher in Silicon Valley and companies are forced to come up with new approaches to attract talented workers. The question is whether Facebook's initiative will be a successful one or just an aside in the struggle to attract new staff.