Four tips for a smarter environment


Even small changes to the office environment can work wonders when it comes to job satisfaction and efficiency. Here are four smart, simple tips that we at Kinnarps would love to share with you. Read on and be inspired!

1. Noise levels are a constant source of irritation in many workplaces. Someone plays music too loud while someone else is always talking on their mobile phone. This can perhaps be solved by fitting sound absorbers or room dividers. Take a few minutes at the next office meeting to put in place a policy everyone can adhere to.

2. Good lighting is necessary for concentration and job satisfaction. Yet many workplaces neglect this fact. Invest in so-called CFL lights. They are energy-saving and the closest one can get to natural light. 

3. Sore neck, headache and troublesome back. Is this what you have at the end of a long working day? Conduct an ergonomic review of all workplaces Are the chairs correctly adjusted? Is it time to buy height-adjustable desks? Do not neglect staff wellbeing - it may be a costly mistake to make.

4.  Seriously though, is it really a great idea to stick the printer in a cabinet? Or how come the copier is installed in the meeting room? In other words: Is the office environment built-for-purpose? Invest time and energy as a team in creating a functional workplace.