Greener life


Can you do more for the environment? Soon you can see how you, your work colleagues and even your company are doing.

How much carbon dioxide emissions are you guilty of when you commute to and from work? And have you considered how much energy and water you consume at work?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally renowned system set up to rate how buildings use resources efficiently. The organisation behind this will soon launch a rather ingenious technical platform (LEED Dynamic Plaque) which measures the environmental impact each individual staff member in a company has. It also includes a smart software which offers ways to improve the environment depending on the situation at your company. For instance does everyone have to commute to the office every day - perhaps some of them can work from home? Or how is the company actually doing when it comes to recycling? A fun bonus is how the platform, based on survey findings, also summarises how happy we are at work...