Interior design affects your health


Tell me what your workplace looks like, and I can say how you feel! We all know that the office environment is crucial for well-being and efficiency at work. But did you know that it can also affect us at a purely physical level?

One of many people who have conducted research in the field is the Swedish architect Christina Bodin Danielsson. Her PhD thesis at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm concluded that we feel best in activity-based environments. It is even better than having an office entirely to yourself, which is demonstrated in reduced stress and fewer days lost through sickness.
The explanation is quite simply that when we can choose ourselves how and where we want to sit, we feel more secure and content than if we are simply allocated a place. Being able to choose work environment according to the task we are engaged in also makes us much more effective.
On the whole, interior design is far more important than many people might imagine. If employees are positive about what it's like at work, then they are also well disposed towards their employer. This might seem obvious, but how often are we seeing companies cutting corners in precisely this area?
At Kinnarps we have collected our entire philosophy in a concept that we have named Next Office. It is based on a holistic perspective that includes everything from interior design solutions to sound and light, as well as colour, air conditioning and technology. For we know that each component plays an essential part for a successful whole. If you would like to read more, click here!