Kinnarps supports the fight against Ebola


Ebola is one the most lethal and infectious diseases in the world. The dreaded virus disease has up to now taken the lives of 4,000 people in West Africa. For this reason, Kinnarps elects to make a Christmas donation to Doctors Without Borders who are onsite in the countries affected to combat the Ebola disease.

”We are extremely thankful for the gift from Kinnarps. Gift donations from private citizens and companies are a prerequisite for us to set up a presence where we are most needed. Doctors Without Borders continues its work dispensing care to people in conflict zones like Iraq, Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. Moreover we also offer care to those affected by Ebola in West Africa,” says Katharina Ervanius, Corporate Fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders in Sweden.
It has been a tradition at Kinnarps for some time to show its appreciation for its staff during the Christmas holidays. This appreciation is shown this year by a joint donation to Doctors Without Borders’ admirable fight against Ebola.

Kinnarps supports the fight against EbolaPHOTO: SYLVAIN CHERKAOUI/COSMOS

”The Ebola infection continues to affect many families in West Africa, at the same time as it also exposes the help workers to extreme risk. We have elected therefore to donate money to this disaster, with the gift contributing to the provision of emergency assistance and care to those people affected. This gift is also an indication of our ambition to take social responsibility far beyond the borders of our organisation,” says Kjell Strandberg, Human Resources Director at Kinnarps.

Kinnarps supports the fight against EbolaPHOTO: KJELL GUNNAR BERAAS/LÄKARE UTAN GRÄNSER