New products from Kinnarps this spring


Kinnarps is bubbling over with excitement and pride right now. This spring we are launching around 30 new products from our six brands - newcomers that we hope, and believe, will make working life both more fun and simpler for a large number of users.

"It is always fun when we launch new products. I am looking forward to displaying our new products which reflect our knowledge about design, innovation and ergonomics," says Paulina Lundström, Marketing & Communications Director at Kinnarps.

A number of the new products have already been on display earlier in the spring during the major international design weeks - Stockholm Design Week and Milan Design Week. The new products were received with open arms and now at long last they are available for sale.

Kinnarps' Embrace chair has received both the prestigious iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for its design. Now the Embrace family is being expanded with two exciting newcomers - a useful and stylish bar stool and a chair whose back is made of light and flexible plastic instead of wood. The new models have of course been created according to the unique Embrace design.

For those of you who have high standards of multi-functionality and are looking for a new table series, we have the perfect new product: Nexus. The table's sober and elegant design is ideal for those looking for a modern table solution with a wide range of options. Nexus is available as individual desks or as a flexible bench solution. It is a flexible series for different types of situations, ways of working and working environments.

Nexus can also be combined perfectly with our latest task chair from the Drabert brand - Entrada II. This chair ensures that sitting is not static, but instead encourages movement and various types of seating positions. The chair's intuitive controls are simple to use, and a few flexible adjustments adapt it to different working situations. As it is so user-friendly, Entrada II is also ideal in activity-based working environments where people can easily use the chair in different types of situations.

This spring we are also displaying Capella, a totally new type of task chair where for the very first time users can get acquainted with the newly developed and innovative FreeMotion mechanism, which thanks to small, clever micro-movements contributes to an active seating experience. Capella can be purchased from September onwards.

Do you have any questions or thoughts about our new products? Contact your nearest Kinnarps retailer

Kinnarps is launching the following products in Spring 2015:

Kinnarps: Nano, Nexus, Embrace bar stool and Embrace plastic back chair. 

Drabert: Entrada II, HotSpot, Filio, Salida, Parlando, Mento  

MartinStoll: Collection C, Collection B, Senor, Fenix, Collection E, Collection TEC, Cosa, Polar 

Materia: Hal, One o'clock, Boullé, Cap, Neolite, Avant, Blanket, Couture series, Amore, Lotus 

Skandiform: Petals, Primo, Oval, Deli 

NC: Sture 394, Plockepinn 49, Knop, Julia 065