Shadow play


Sometimes, a single light can change a whole room.

Tired of the same sad office walls? The Danish art duo Hilden & Diaz have designed a lampshade for the office which creates a mysterious, beautiful forest landscape on the walls as soon as it is turned on. The two artists of light, Hilden & Diaz, have previously been known for video-projecting the appearance of flames onto famous buildings like the Colosseum. And now they've created something slightly calmer with the ceiling lampshade Forms in Nature. Light is just as important as shade, and it is this principle which makes the lampshade unique. Because it is fascinating to look at and an obvious talking point around the conference table, the lampshade is perfect for the more public spaces in a working environment. It is something which suits the Kinnarps world rather well – with the whole consisting of many separate parts where light plays a key role.