Ship ahoy


What about moving into an old shipwreck? An American design studio has come up with a unique design concept. They use old boats to create premises that are both unique and functional.

While shipwrecks may be intimidating, there is also something beautiful about them, a reminder of a fleeting past. Just think about all the myths and stories in circulation about the Titanic. This inspired the architects Claudia Turrent and Alejandro d'Acosta and they built an entire wine-making facility in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico, using boats from a nearby port. The architects made a conscious decision to retain the boat hulls intact and used them to make pointed roofs. But the other building materials, including all the beams and walls (except for the concrete ones), are also taken from the same maritime source.
This vineyard is amazing proof of how old boats can be brought back to life in new forms.