Social bridge-building


Regular readers of this blog may already be aware of the fact that I have a weak spot for the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. One only has to take the short trip to Copenhagen to fully enjoy his latest work of art. This time he has created the 40-metre long Circle Bridge in Christianshavn. The bridge was officially opened in the middle of August and consists of five circular platforms with their own boat masts, which together are part of larger circle in the harbour area. One of the platforms can be swung back to allow boats pass in and out of the canal. Growing up in Iceland, Olafur Eliasson would sit in the harbour for hours, looking at the fishing boats anchored in a row. He imagined going up on the deck of one of them and then jumping light-footedly from one to another. Now 5,000 pedestrians can relive Eliasson's childhood dream. The imaginative zigzag design of the Circle Bridge across the water encourages people to reflect on the city. The round shapes also offer loads of space for people to slow down and talk to each other. It is social and stylish all at once.

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