The flat organisation


No bosses? Equal pay decided collectively? Choose your own work assignments? This is not an utopian world but a part of the real one. The American video games company Valve operatesin this way today.

Kinnarps is always on the lookout for new trends and our attention has been brought to the American video games developer Valve which applies its own philosophy when it comes to management. Staff are not obliged to report to anyone as there are no bosses. Staff also have desks with castors so they can sit and work where they want. And they are free to work with whatever they want. It is all based on collective decisions and everyone is relatively well paid. According to company sources, the high wages prevent staff from competing with each other. All energy is instead put into being creative.
You can say what you want about this model,  but Valve has been in business since 1996 and has seen much success along the way.

Photo by Ed Sozinho