This is how winners think!


Do you lie awake and brood about your decisions? Successful people never really do... Here is a quick guide to that winning approach!

Have you given any thought to what successful people have in common? Why can some people always get back up even when things seem to be at their lowest? The American author and researcher Amy Morin has conducted in-depth interviews with a number of entrepreneurs and business people and found that their success was based on 13 mutual factors. The most important one is to be able to put failures behind you. Here are a number of other significant characteristics that recur in the minds of most winners:

• They do not feel sorry for themselves but are always very careful to emphasise their own responsibility.
• They never let other people's moods or actions affect how they themselves feel.
• They look forward to change and embrace it. Their greatest fear, if any, is stagnation.
• They try to be fair and helpful but shy away from being flattering and fitting in.
• They are never slow to praise others. On the contrary they are generous people. Sharing is caring.
• They see every failure as an opportunity to improve themselves.
• They never pretend that success comes quickly and easily. They know it can take time and they are willing to work hard.