Trendy timber


For centuries, humans have used timber as a building material before new modern materials took over in the 1900s. But we have now come full circle with the reappearance of museums and large housing blocks clad in timber. The obvious reason for this is that timber is both beautiful and eco-friendly.

How do we want our children to grow up? Council politicians in Hostens in the south of France decided on an eco-friendly and playful approach in the construction of a new school. Timber was the obvious choice. Not least because the region is known for its boat-building and craftsmanship, located close to the Bay of Biscay, boasting years of experience working with timber. The French architect office Dauphins captured this request in a building that also flirts with the raw functionalism of the world renowned architect Le Corbusier. The facade consists of a skin of chestnut shingles, a solution that gives the building gentle lines and makes it almost look like it came straight out of a fairytale. Chipboard and bare concrete walls dominate the interior. Beautiful in all its simplicity.
Another two examples of this timber trend come from Sweden; the amazing Artipelag art gallery outside Stockholm and the innovative Strandparken district in Sundbyberg, which is an eight-storey housing block made entirely in wood.