Tired of never-ending hours at your desk? There is hope for a change. In the future our workplaces are going to be designed with people in mind, not hardware, something which is crucially important for the environments we work in. The interaction between technology and architecture is called techiture and is one of the main trends in Kinnarps' Trend Report 2015.

If you look at the facade of an office building built several decades ago you quickly notice something very interesting: The gaps between the window frames are spaced exactly to fit a desk and a "large computer" in between. Not particularly creative, but a typical example of what happens when technology defines architecture. Similarly, in our homes interior furnishings have been designed to fit around the television.

Today, as technology becomes smarter and makes us all a lot more mobile, this is about to change. Nobody wants to be locked into sitting at a desk. The old "office look" is disappearing and is being replaced by a new freedom! Suddenly all the rigid requirements for standardised computer cables, floor panels, lighting and air conditioning are gone. The working environments of the future are going to be characterised by workplaces customised with people in mind and not hardware. The big challenge now is to find digital solutions which work in our everyday situations. Some companies have even gone as far as introducing a BYOW policy (bring your own device), where employees are given their own technology budget.

The goal is to create environments that are as interactive as possible. The workplace should not only be a place where employees sit passively, receiving hoards of information, but should be a place where you can build living environments that encourage debate and creativity. What will the next generation's meeting rooms be like? Today we are so used to one person standing and talking in front of a screen or a whiteboard. In the future perhaps all content will be shared in real time from touch screen to touch screen. We envisage increasingly more intelligent and digitalised buildings. A high-tech lifestyle in an apparently relaxed environment. That is techiture.