Seymour Powell

Designers agree...sit stand desks are a great concept!

Seymour Powell is a design and innovation business - creating new user experiences for products and services- founded in 1984 by Richard Seymour and Dick Powell.  The London-based group of award-winning designers has produced some of the ‘milestone’ products of the last two decades – everything from consumer electrical goods, bathroom a products and new digital-age products to big brand food and drink packaging.

Having outgrown their existing building some years back, the opportunity to consolidate the whole team of some 100 people into a new headquarters and studio in south west London, created the need for some additional furniture.

“It was quite clear that we needed 11 or 12 new desks as the old desks were shot, so we started to look at desks and of course if you just trawl the internet and look at desks, my goodness it’s a pain, you know”, says Dick Powell, Founder & CEO of Seymour Powell

“But interestingly a number of our team stand to work and they had cobbled together  blocks to put their monitor on and of course there was quite a lobby to have height-adjustable desks and we whole heartedly agreed, the sit-stand desk is a great concept. 

So then we started to look at Sit-stand desks, visited a number of showrooms, including Kinnarps.

We went to a lot of other showrooms too, but I have to say their service was distinctively unimpressive!   Some girl who knew nothing about desks, would just say we’ve got this desk, we’ve got this one, this is great, but no sense of design integrity, no sense of quality, no sense of caring about the furniture; you felt they were just sales people! But at Kinnarps I always felt that this is a company that understands the needs of people working, the ergonomy of desks and the quality of their design.”

Kinnarps supplied a number of new desks, including their Series P sit-stand, electronically height-adjustable range. The quality of the Kinnarps showroom visit was maintained in the delivery of the new products, as Dick explains…

“Do you know what? Of all the smaller suppliers it takes to complete a refurbishment project of this magnitude… of all the suppliers who had to do that, Kinnarps people were the best!  


They called to say they would be there on time. 

They showed up on time; exactly! 

When they arrived, they were polite, well turned out, smiling, sharp.

They wore clean uniforms and were clearly very knowledgeable; they knew where the desks had to go, set about the task of doing it and got it done on time and exactly as planned.”

“This refurbishment and move project is probably the biggest nightmare I’ve had all year. Reliability is often a key frustration with suppliers but Kinnarps did exactly what they said they would do. Absolutely fantastic!”

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