The Brands in the Kinnarps House

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As well as our own Kinnarps products we incorporate a series of 'owned brands' within our total offering. Here is an explanation of what each brand represents. 

With nearly seven decades of experience, Kinnarps stands for low risk, competent and complete systems furniture with a focus on function, ergonomics and sustainability. Quality and durability are the key elements of design to offer real value-for-money across a wide spectrum of choice and finishes. 

Materia stands for the experimental and creative, a brand which stretches the limits for usability and the architectonic. With unpredictability and conceptual design, Materia shapes and facilitates the dynamic processes within the modern company.

Skandiform has its roots in the Scandinavian design tradition and gets its inspiration from nature’s organic blueprint and multifaceted shades 

For those seeking unpretentious casual elegance, Skandiform offers a wide range of contemporary furnishing for various conference rooms and social spaces with a confident, unpretentious Scandinavian sense. 

Drabert is a seating brand steeped in history and experience. It has led the way in ergonomic thinking delivering the best in German engineering and technical excellence.

For employees who want desk, visitor and conference chairs proven for great ergonomic design and innovation, Drabert chairs deliver a sense of simplicity and comfort that just simply feels right. 

A brand whose foundation is in exclusivity and expressive power.

For executives who want furnishings offering high-levels of customization, craftsmanship and top-end finishes, Martin Stoll delivers timeless and elegant management and conference furniture that expresses success.

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