Kinnarps Sustainability credentials


We are proud to be renoun for our commitment to sustainability in all that we do. With a strong Swedish heritage and having been founded in a rural community - where caring for the resources you have and the countryside in general comes naturally - it is something we have always done.

Many companies have started to communicate using terms such as '100% 'recyclable', 'cradle to grave' or 'full life-cycle' and often promote signature 'green' products in marketing material.

We prefer to look at the total environmental impact of our whole operation - from the sourcing of raw materials, through production methods to the delivery and installation. By 'owning' the whole process we have complete control over the links of the chain and can measure and respond to any part of it. You will not find any one product being raised on a pedestal as being 'green' anymore than the next product. Our goal is to make all products and all processes as sustainable as possible. This approach has won us many awards and we continue to strive to improve further every year.

The products in the Design Favourites selection include those from Kinnarps own factories as well as those brands we own... Materia, Skandiform, Drabert and MartinStol.

Kinnarps production facilities do not use chrome - we never have due to its poor environmental credentials over the years - but in light of demand for chrome on design label products we have encouraged those brands to source the most modern 'environmentally responsible' chrome available and to that end they only use Chromium 3. Alternative finishes, such as brushed aluminium are often available.

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